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Helping You Find Debt Relief Through A Variety Of Bankruptcy Options

Whether your financial hardship was the result of sudden illness or injury, business disaster, or other causes, bankruptcy may be able to offer you the opportunity you need to earn a fresh financial start in life.

At de Armas & Arriete, LLC, we have helped individuals and businesses file Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Seeking Consumer Liquidation Bankruptcy

One of the most common forms of consumer bankruptcy is Chapter 7. This option involves the debtor selling all nonessential debts, like secondary real estate and vehicles, heirlooms and collectibles, and other valuables, to pay off their debt. Then, the government discharges the remaining debt.

Consumer Debt Reorganization

Consumers also have the option to restructure their debt through Chapter 13. This option allows a debtor to consolidate most or all of their debt into a payment plan that usually lasts between three and five years. If the debtor makes every monthly payment during this time, any remaining debt is discharged by the bankruptcy. Our lawyers can also help you through the mortgage modification process to lower your total monthly payments.

Business Debt Reorganization

For businesses that are experiencing financial hardship, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy may be a viable option for them. We help companies through the Chapter 11 process, including the navigation of challenges such as negotiating with creditors to reduce debts, modifying contracts, and other steps to regain financial stability through corporate restructuring. This restructuring may include measures like a business merger, acquisition or sale, or organizational changes. No matter what it takes to get through the bankruptcy process, we are here to help.

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